Freddie & Ella living the dream!
Hi Streetkatz! 

Just to let you know that Freddie & Ella (who we adopted in Sept last  year) are doing just fine - we are totally smitten with them both,  they are just so affectionate and a joy to share our home with.  Ella  is my pretty girl - she likes to snuggle and washes me whenever I pick her up - she likes to sleep either on my lap or on any item of clothing that's left lying around.  She does get called little moo when she instigates the nonsense with Freddie, which she frequently does - she will wake him up and they will race up and down the stairs.  Freddie Bear is just a delight and so called because he looks like a big teddy - he has a huge personality, loves to climb trees and it's always him who starts the chasing games up and down the garden, which they love!!  I call him Freddie Bear, the Freddiest of Bears and as our eldest granddaughter says, there are no Bears Freddier - love that little addition!!  They've got so big that I've had to extend the top of the cat tree - measured them both when they were asleep together and made it to fit.  They've also got a radiator bed, which hangs over the kitchen radiator, so they can look out the back door whilst lounging - unfortunately it's only really big enough for one, but somehow they both manage to get onto it - it's a hard life in our house!!

So they have gone from this ...

to this ... !!

... and this!!

Love from Alan & Emma Wilkinson (East Peckhanm)





                           Ginny & JoJo, now Winnie & JoJo!



We had to write a note about how besotted we are with Ginny and JoJo. We never thought any cat could fill the hole left by our Max, but these two have definitely won over our hearts. We have now had them for over nine months and can’t imagine our house without them.

Ginny was renamed Winnie, after having an accident in the car on the way home and we called her Winnie the Poo! She is so affectionate and really is the mum of the house. She looks after all of us, snuggling up when we are ill and gently purring when we need reassuring. She also still gives JoJo a good thorough washing and clip round the ear when he is naughty. JoJo has been a revelation. Very nervy at first, he is now a total lovebug who likes to collapse dramatically when he wants a belly rub! He is a very tall cat and slinks around the house often on his tiptoes. Both of them seek us out and follow us round the house when they want attention. They are always happy to see us when we get home and we have to make sure we are in bed before them, otherwise there is no chance of us getting in!

They have both just started going out and are absolutely loving it. They don’t seem to go very far but have really enjoyed chasing butterflies and sunbathing in the garden.  Everyone comments on how gorgeous they are, and although we are biased we completely agree!

Thanks for letting us adopt these two and to Josie and James for getting them ready for their forever home.

Hannah and Alex




                           Bart, the cheeky chappy - official!!
Meet Bart! – the cheeky little chap who so lives up to his name.  I have to confess we had not planned on getting a kitten.  Imagine the conversation on the way to the foster home  – we mustn’t let ourselves be drawn towards a kitten, we really should be thinking of an older cat – yes dear, I totally agree…




…and then we saw Bart – totally and completely irresistible - the feeling seems to be mutual, he has settled so quickly, and now we cant imagine life without him.








Curiosity and the cat? – just checking
the deep freeze…






… and the shower…    

 … and whether there was anything in here for me…
True to form, a cardboard box also proved irresistible for him…
…and we were warned that however nice we think the lovely little bed that we bought for him was, that he would find his own place to sleep thank you very much – and he did! 
 I’m beautiful – look I’ll pose for you on the window sill. 
Yes Bart, you may be cheeky but you are indeed very handsome.
Finally, we would like to thank Streetkatzrescue for the excellent service they provide, and the way in which Bart was cared for after his unfortunate start in life – found as a stray at 11 weeks old.  For anyone thinking of going this route I cant begin to explain how proud we are that we’ve been able to help one such animal – who goes on repaying us every time he purrs!
Jenny and Bruno, East Sussex




Dear Street Katz

I just wanted to update you on Autumn, a cat you recently rehomed.  I am sure you will remember her as she was with you for a year before I took her.



It was a slow start as she was very frightened of new people and must have been overwhelmed with the move and a new large home. As soon as she got out of her carrier, she took refuge behind the sofa, which is very secluded and a great place to hide! She stayed here for 2 days and did not make a sound or move. However I could tell she was coming out at night when I wasn’t around as she had used her litter tray and the food was gone by the time I went to check on her in the morning.  On the 2nd night she started to meow from behind the sofa and kept popping her head out to see what was going on, eventually she had the courage to jump up on the sofa and watch the TV with me, OK it was only for 5 minutes but it was progress.

    After about 5 days I introduced my other cat (Guinness) to the room, who is a lot bigger than her and a 2 year old tom. She was very confident around him and approached him, then followed him round the room, I think Guinness was less impressed at this time and kept running away.  A few days later I gave her the free running of the house and she ran like mad for the first few days and it seemed she had then settled in.

    A few weeks later I slowly let her go outside in the evening when I was around, and since then she has been going out for 2-3 hours a day. She stays very close to the house still and usually always in view but she loves running around in the garden and I have already received a few presents in the form of mice which she looks happy to have caught. Her favourite thing to do is watch other animals on the TV, she is always glued to it. She recognises other cats on the TV,
especially the Felix advert cat.





I have noticed Guinness has stayed in more now he has a companion and apart from the odd fight over food they get on very well. She is a very vocal cat and likes her food even though she is still relatively small. She always runs to the front door to greet Guinness as soon as he comes in and is also the first to greet anyone that comes down in the morning. 







I won’t pretend to understand cats but Autumn seems very happy and has come a long way from the cat we took 2 months ago who would run away when I tried to stroke her, she now lets me stroke her and pick her up most of the time, and lays on her back waiting for her stomach to be rubbed.
I am glad we were able to give her a home after so long before another winter, and thank you all for your help.



Tunbridge Wells



Dear all at Streetkatz,

We just wanted to send you an update on Cedric, 4 months after he came to live with us and became Lord of the House!  Ceddie, (or Fuzzy) is the most wonderful character and constantly makes us laugh.  We think perhaps his grumpiness was down to not liking being around other cats - since he's had the free run of our house, our garden, all the gardens in our road etc, he's lost all his grumpiness and just rules the area!  He's a friendly boy, unfazed by visitors (even children) and thankfully leaves our fish alone!  He sleeps on our bed every night, grudgingly allowing us to sleep there too, occasionally!  He's useful as an alarm clock during the week, miaowing like mad for his breakfast on the dot of 5.15am every morning, but unfortunately the concept of "a weekend lie-in" has passed him by...!!  Ceddie has recently undertaken a single-pawed reduction policy on the local far he's killed 2 1/2 birds (we think one escaped, but relieved of a fair few feathers, which ended up on Ced - see pic) and one frog and was so proud to be able to give us such lovely presents!  He adores us, but of course, only at breakfast and dinner time ;) he likes to be close to us and is always in the room with us in the evening, preferably on a piece of newspaper!  He LOVES playtime, but being so big, strong and destructive he has killed about 6 feather sticks, so we're now using ribbon as it seems to be more durable!  He's incredibly clean, constantly washing his beautiful fur which is sleek and glossy all the time now, although he does shed like a monster and we have to hoover most days to get rid of the fluff on the carpet!!

We love him to pieces, and are so, so happy that we could bring him somewhere where he can be in charge and settled, and he certainly seems to be extremely happy now, with his two slaves at his beck and call at all times!  Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to adopt Ceddie - he's our little monster and has turned out to be a little, black ball of sunshine!
I attach some pictures of Ced in his many, contortionist positions - his favourite is the superman, on his back with his arms and legs outstretched, where he takes up the entire end of the bed before wriggling in his sleep and falling off!!



 Best Wishes,

Rebecca, Simon and Lord Cedric.


                          Fancy (now Megan) in her new home



Good News on Fancy, now called Megan: "Megan is doing really well and she is very settled in her new home with us and Lucy. Both cats are quite happy they love to chase around in garden. We can't believe that three weeks had gone and it seem we ve had Megan so much longer . She is adorable and we love her very much and she is well looked after by her new family and Lucy."




                                      Tommy the Tailless One


"One week on we just wanted to give you an update on how Tommy is settling in. Well what can i say as I'm sure you both experienced during your encounter with Tommy he is in to EVERYTHING! He has however adopted a particular fetish for my shoe cupboard, how this can be comfortable to sleep in I'm not sure, but he's shunned this for both his sleeping house and basket. He seems to have settled in very well and is very affectionate and loves to give cuddles, my favourite is when i get in from work and he jumps onto the table and puts his paws round your neck, giving you a proper full on cuddle, he has also taken to snuggling up on my chest when watching a film, and snoozing for England!  He is eating well, and longing to go out, especially in this warm weather."


                              More news from Teddy-land!

Teddy now goes out, although he likes to help Sue's daughter study ...

 " ... He did cause havoc on his second day of freedom.  He climbed on the half open garage door and because he is heavy it quickly closed, causing Teddy to fall off and feel very offended; but unbeknown to me, next doors pretty little ginger and white girl was on the top half of the garage door inside it and was catapulted out (through a gap in the side of the decaying garage luckily).  He also seemed to be confused and was trying to get in next doors patio doors later, despite all the litter scenting I did round the garden for him and one of my daughters and I went to get him and show him the way home.
Mostly he goes out in the morning, doesn't go too far and then pops in to check on us all every half an hour or hour.  He is kept indoors after tea time feed and happily lolls on Anna's bed.  Very funny as he takes up most of it and gets cross when disturbed if  she dares get in her own bed.  She doesn't like to disturb him, so settles for a few inches of space at the edge - honestly! 

He often joins us in the lounge of an evening too and plays with his favourite toy a butterfly on a stick, the best 50p I have ever spent.  He lays on the rug with the two dogs and has even been seen to greet Alfie, the bichon, nose to nose now, so is a fully pledged family member.  I really couldn't love him anymore and am glad no one snapped him up before me."

Thanks to Sue for this further update  



"Hello all at Street Katz,
I am Teddy's new Mum!  He has been here a week now and is very loving and we are completely smitten by him.  He shares a bedroom with one of my girls (he doesn't like her taste in music - his only complaint).  He has the run of the house now when it is safe and no one will be around to open a door and I can supervise him with the dogs.  My cocker spaniel has surprised me, she has been very gentle around Teddy and ignored his hissing (which is becoming less frequent as he relaxes);  My bichon is a bit scared - but we are getting there.  Teddy found the tropical fish very entertaining..."


Just awaiting a lovely new photo now! ~ and here they are!






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