Homing Policy & Area we Cover

As many of our cats have come to us through unhappy or unsafe circumstances, we naturally want to make sure as far as possible that they are being rehomed to people and places where they will be happy and contented for the remainder of their lives.  For that reason, we do insist on doing a home check before you adopt the cat or cats you are interested in.  However, it may be possible to view the cat you are interested in prior to a homecheck.


 At the moment our area of operation is mainly confined to around Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Wadhurst, Crowborough and Heathfield (and all villages in between).  So those are the areas we can easily home check and support our cats in the settling in phase. 


All our cats are vet checked, fleaed, wormed, neutered if old enough, microchipped and will have at least the first stage of the vaccination done.  This all costs a lot so we do ask for a financial contribution towards this.  Our current Adoption Fee is £55 per cat/kitten unless otherwise stated but if you can spare a little more, it will go to help bring in another cat off the street.

Our helpers are all volunteers, giving of their spare time to rescue and rehabilitate our cats and kittens.  All the money we raise therefore goes where it is needed - to help the animals.

Please note that we do not have a sanctuary or centre.  All our cats and kittens are fostered by volunteers either in their own homes or in purpose-built cattery pens in their gardens.  So you need to make an appointment to view at a mutually convenient time. If we haven't homechecked you beforehand we do require some basic info, at the very least a full address and telephone number, preferably landline, as we will be sending you into someone's home. 

To view specific cats you may be interested in, please email streetkatzinfo@gmail.comPlease leave a landline telephone number if at all possible.

Rehoming kittens:  we prefer to rehome young kittens in pairs or a mum with one kitten. They settle in more quickly, are less stressed and fearful, play and sleep together and are company for each other if you are out at work all day. 



Coco came into our care about 8 years ago as a heavily pregnant cat. She gave birth to six kittens, three of which were cream seal points. Sadly five died but one survived and turned into the most stunning seal point ragdoll X. Rosko and Coco (renamed Bagheera) went to live with a kind lady on a narrow country lane but, so sadly, Rosko was run over. Bagheera survived and became the sole house cat but circumstances in the house changed and Coco-Bagheera no longer had the 1-2-1 attention she craved. So she developed behavioural issues, some of which had a physical cause and Coco was diagnosed with pancreatitis. 

Pancreatitis is very manageable with good quality food.  Since coming back into our care we have worked with getting Coco onto a diet she is well on and also tried to broaden her diet to include some wet food.  This has proved very successful and we feel Coco is ready to move back into a home of her own.  Her stress-induced behavioural issues have also resolved.

Coco is an Oriental X so not hugely happy with other cats around. She is neutered and chipped but not currently vaccinated.  Her ideal home would be a single adult home where she has an adoring human servant.   She likes to sleep on your bed.  She is a quiet cat that sleeps a lot so would be happy to be left during the day while you are out at work.  


Atticus was one of a number of kittens we rescued from The Hop Farm some years ago.  He was adopted along with his sister but she sadly and unexpectedly died a couple of years later leaving Atticus on his own.  Atticus came back into our care in 2020 with a few behavioural/health issues which his adopter was struggling to cope with.  After 9 months with us, we feel Atticus is now ready to move back into a home of his own.

Atticus is around 6 or 7 years old and is neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated.  He is a gentle, affectionate soul who loves attention and to be with you.  

Because Atticus was quite stressed when he came into us with associated health issues, he needs a calm and quiet home.  We feel Atticus would bond best with a single cat-experienced adult, probably female, and with no other pets.  If you work from home or are semi-retired, so much the better.  He will need direct cat flap access to a safe garden to toilet in and one, possibly two, litter trays indoors initially for at least the settling in period of 3-4 weeks but possibly permanently.  Full support and advice will be given during this time although we do hope this gorgeous boy will not have any further problems. 

Atticus will only be homed within our area so please check out the info at the top of this page.

Gorgeous Gary

Gorgeous Gary was originally Grumpy Gary before he discovered his inner loveliness.  Gary was signed over to a vet in Bromley by his owner who could no longer cope with his daily vomiting.  He came to us with a diagnosis of "probable ibd" but we soon twigged it was pancreatitis.  His vomiting cleared up and he had long settled periods with the occasional flare-up.

Two years later, Gary is a very happy chappy, loves going outside and has even learned to tolerate other cats although they are put in their place if they dare to eat from the same bowl of biscuits at the same time as him!  He has put on a lot of weight and is not on any special foods or meds.  Gary will always need a little care food wise so he can't be fed rubbish but good quality food will give you a very healthy cat.  

Gary is 11 yrs old now and is neutered, chipped and vaccinated.  He is very chatty and we think has something oriental in his genes.  He is one of those cats when you look at him you don't see a cat but a wise old soul.

Gary deserves a home of his own and so we have finally put this special boy up for rehoming.  Direct access to a safe garden is essential.


Bagheera - little black panther

Bagheera is a very sleek black panther, aged about 15-18 mths old.  She came into us with another cat from the same household as they were very bonded.  Hmmm, well they were for about 5 minutes but we had to separate them after that.  It may have had something to do with Bagheera not being spayed and in season ...  Needless to say that little detail has been sorted!!

Bagheera is something of a Houdini so her new family will have to be extra careful of doors and windows being left open.  She will be out and gone. We have learned this by bitter experience, ahem.  Fortunately, she seems able to find her way back fairly well. However, for this reason she will not be rehomed anywhere near a busy road. 

Bagheera is very playful and will chase her tail and toss her toys up in the air.  She is friendly and affectionate and would make a great family pet in a calm household. The empasis is on calm!! Even our vet said she needed a quiet house!!!  We think now she is spayed she will be fine with another cat.  She is also chipped.  UPDATE: we have tried to vaccinate Bagheera twice but it triggers cat flu and so we have decided not to vaccinate her.  If you put your cats in a cattery when you go away, please bear in mind they require fully vaccinated cats with a vaccination certificate.

Felix - sweet little black & white kitty

Felix is a very sweet 13 yr old cat who is quite independent and chatty.  She loves to have access to outside so a safe garden is essential.  Felix is spayed, chipped and vaccinated.

Felix is rather nervous around other cats so would need to be the only cat in the household.  Untried with dogs.  Definitely no young children so preferably an adult only household or a family with older children.

Felix is unusual in that she will come to her name when called - no selective deafness here!! So we would recommend keeping her name at least until she has settled with you and will come to your voice when you call her.

Please read our Homing Policy at the top of this page and all enquiries for preference by email to 

BOY CAT - does what it says on the tin!

Boy Cat and his sidekick, Girl Cat, were left behind when their owners moved away.  Both were unneutered.  After some time, kind neighbours contacted another rescue who neutered both but had no room to bring them in.  Neighbours continued to feed them but Boy Cat appeared one day limping badly and it was thought he had been clipped by a car.  One of our volunteers picked him up and took him to the emergency vets but fortunately nothing was broken although he continued to limp for a while.  Needless to say, we took him into our care.

Boy Cat is a very sweet puss cat, quite independent although he doesn't mind the other cats around, he just does his own thing.  We think he is probably around 3 or 4 yrs old.  He is neutered, chipped and vaccinated.  

Boy Cat loves to be outdoors and is currently enjoying a lot of rural space to explore.  So a safe location with direct access to a garden is a must.

Boy Cat would love a family of his own where he will be fussed over and fed lots of lovely food!

UPDATE;  we need to start Boy Cat's vaccinations and also the vets have advised he have a dental so although he is available for viewing and reserving, it will be a few weeks before he can physically go to a new home.


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