Homing Policy & Area we Cover

As many of our cats have come to us through unhappy or unsafe circumstances, we naturally want to make sure as far as possible that they are being rehomed to people and places where they will be happy and contented for the remainder of their lives.  For that reason, we do insist on doing a home check before you adopt the cat or cats you are interested in.  However, it may be possible to view the cat you are interested in prior to a homecheck.


 At the moment our area of operation is mainly confined to around Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Wadhurst, Crowborough and Heathfield (and all villages in between).  So those are the areas we can easily home check and support our cats in the settling in phase. 


All our cats are vet checked, fleaed, wormed, neutered if old enough, microchipped and will have at least the first stage of the vaccination done.  This all costs a lot so we do ask for a financial contribution towards this.  Our current Adoption Fee is £55 per cat/kitten unless otherwise stated but if you can spare a little more, it will go to help bring in another cat off the street.

Our helpers are all volunteers, giving of their spare time to rescue and rehabilitate our cats and kittens.  All the money we raise therefore goes where it is needed - to help the animals.

Please note that we do not have a sanctuary or centre.  All our cats and kittens are fostered by volunteers either in their own homes or in purpose-built cattery pens in their gardens.  So you need to make an appointment to view at a mutually convenient time. If we haven't homechecked you beforehand we do require some basic info, at the very least a full address and telephone number, preferably landline, as we will be sending you into someone's home. 

To view specific cats you may be interested in, please email streetkatzinfo@gmail.comPlease leave a landline telephone number if at all possible.

Rehoming kittens:  we prefer to rehome young kittens in pairs or a mum with one kitten. They settle in more quickly, are less stressed and fearful, play and sleep together and are company for each other if you are out at work all day. 



Molly came in with five kittens all living outside and relying on the kindness of strangers to survive. All of her kittens have now been rehomed and it is now time for Molly to find a home of her own.

We know Molly was once someone's pet and was left behind, unneutered, when they moved away. Having to fend for herself on the streets, find food and shelter for herself and her kittens and prey to any passing tom, Molly has unsurprisingly taken time to trust humans once again. Her fosterer has done an amazing job with her.  Molly has finally found her inner kitten and likes to play with her toys.  She is even trying to make friends with one rather docile cat but is easily intimidated by the more dominant ones.

Molly is around 3 yrs or so and is chipped, spayed and fully vaccinated. She still needs some more time to decompress so needs an adult only and cat experienced family with no other cats and direct access to a safe, private garden.



Milo is a 15 mth old tabby boy, neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated.  He came in with his sister, a ginger female called Molly, as an owner surrender.  

Milo is friendly but a little unsure so isn't suitable for a family with small children.  Older children would be fine or an adult only home.

Milo has very mild asthma which is well controlled by a steroid injection every 3 months or so and we are hopeful that this might disappear over time and in a different environment.

Milo loves being outside exploring so we are ideally looking for a rural home on a safe road.  In any case, direct access to a secure garden in a safe location is essential.

UPDATE APRIL 2023 - Milo seems to be fine now and has not needed another steroid injection.


Beau is a really lovely tabby and white male cat with amazing whiskers!  He was left behind when his owner moved away and was fed by various people.  However, as an unneutered boy he became a bit of a nuisance and we were asked to bring him into our care.  Since then Beau has been neutered, chipped, dematted and is now fully vaccinated.  Age is uncertain but we think 3-5 yrs is a reasonable guess.

Beau has been a bit bemused by his change of circumstances and it has taken a while for his personality to start to come through.  I think he would flourish in an adult only home or a family with older children that wasn't too noisy!  A safe location with direct access to a private garden is a must.

All enquiries to 

Simba and Chase

Simba and Chase came from the same household as an owner surrender.  Simba is a tabby & white male about 15 mths now and Chase, the grey, is nearly 3 yrs.  Both boys have been neutered, chipped and are fully vaccinated.

Simba is very friendly and confident and will quickly come to you although he can be a little nervous at first.  Chase is also very friendly but much more reticent - you will often only see him at mealtimes and he tends to hide away in between times.  So with this pair, you will have a fairly instantly friendly one and a shyer one who will need a little bit of work to help him come out of his shell.  A quiet adult home would be preferred especially if someone was at home during the day to work a little with Chase.

UPDATE Jan 2023 - a bit of role reversal - Chase has really come out of his shell and Simba is a little more nervous.  Both boys are enjoying being outside but then like to come in to find a hot radiator to snuggle up to.  Chase will readily come to people now and Simba has become a little more nervy.  So a quiet adult home is still preferred but actually it is Simba who might need a bit more 1-2-1.

Both boys are very gentle and Simba has the most velvet of fur.  A safe and secure garden away from busy roads is essential.


Hollie is a very sweet little female cat, born April 2021.  She escaped from her home when, ironically, a cat flap was being fitted.  A few months later she turned up as a very shy. skinny cat in the next street.  She was trapped and came into our care where it was discovered she was chipped.  Her owner who had been ill was keen to have Hollie back but realised that being an indoor only cat was not the best option for Hollie, especially now she had had a taste of the great outdoors.  So with much sadness she has allowed us to find Hollie a new home.

Hollie will need a little extra time to be indoors (normally we recommend 3-4 weeks but she would benefit from longer) as she needs to feel very secure.  We have had a few scary moments when she first went outside since being in foster care but she now goes in and out quite happily.

Hollie is a very affectionate cat but is worried by other cats and tends to  keep a low profile, difficult in a rescue situation.  She would love a quiet, calm household with direct access to a private garden and on a safe road.


Angel is a very pretty blue and cream tabby female, aged around 2 yrs old.  She is spayed, chipped and fully vaccinated.

Angel has lived with other cats before but does best on her own.  She loves 1-2-1 attention and lets you know if you are not providing enough!  So a single adult working from home or an active retired adult or couple would be ideal.  You will have to be prepared to give up life as you know it!!  Angel will definitely have the upper paw.

A safe and secure garden away from busy roads is essential. 


Ava is feeling a bit lost today when these photos were taken as her two babies have been taken away from her and adopted. She keeps looking at me with a lot of hurt in her eyes. Guilty as charged. 

Ava was found with her litter of very small kittens on a building site in Tonbridge.  She has been a 5* mum, very protective and fed them so well. 

Ava has been spayed, chipped and is fully vaccinated. She is a young tabby with a bit of cattitude and best suited to a cat experienced adult family or with older children.  A few weeks on, she has become a bit of a kitten herself and is engaging more with some of the other cats so she could possibly be rehomed with a youngish cat she can play with.

A safe location with direct access to a private garden is a must. 

All enquiries to


Jaffa came in as one of three unwanted kittens.  They all had issues but 18 months on, Jaffa is well and thriving.  

Jaffa is an unusual mix of tabby and calico tortoiseshell - a calico torbie if you will!  She has quite a wonderful tail that she manages to curl round and over her back, a bit like a pig's curly tail.  Perhaps we should have called her 'Piglet'.

Jaffa is a fairly typical tortie - it has to be her way or no way.  She can occasionally be a bit spiteful to other cats and tends to do her own thing but is super friendly to people and likes to sleep with you providing there are no more interesting distractions around.

As she has been with us for so long she now goes outside and explores the orchards and woods we back onto so we are looking for a rural home for her ideally or a supersafe urban location with a large garden.

All our cats are neutered and microchipped if old enough and all will at least have had the first stage vaccination.



Clarence is another tom cat that came into our care in the Autumn of 2022.  He had been living rough (see pic below) and had fathered several litters of kittens.  He no longer has that possibility!

Clarence is a lovely cat but it is taking his hormones a while to calm down.  If you have read Barney's entry, Clarence is the one who has put the memo in his pending tray.  He can be food protective although this is much improved and he is fear aggressive with other male cats if they cross his path.   He loves people and has to have a stroke and a cuddle before he will eat.

We don't know how old Clarence is but we think around 6 or 7.  He is neutered, chipped and vaccinated. 

We would like to rehome Clarence to an area with not too many other cats in the neighbourhood.  However, he will make a lovely companion to an adult family.


Richie came into us as a very feisty unneutered stray who had to be trapped.  He was taken to the vets to be chip checked but was too wild so he was eventually neutered and chipped.  A few weeks later, once he knew he was safe and his hormones had calmed down, he turned into a friendly and affectionate boy.  He is really a lovely cat now, gets on well with most other cats but, like most cats, would love a 1-2-1 relationship!  

We don't know for sure how old he is but we think 2-4 yrs is a reasonable guesstimate.

Bagheera - little black panther 

Bagheera is a very sleek black panther, aged about 3 yrs old.  She came into us with another cat from the same household as they were very bonded.  Hmmm, well they were for about 5 minutes but we had to separate them after that.  It may have had something to do with Bagheera not being spayed and in season ...  Needless to say that little detail has been sorted!!

Bagheera is something of a Houdini so her new family will have to be extra careful of doors and windows being left open.  She will be out and gone. We have learned this by bitter experience, ahem.  Fortunately, she seems able to find her way back fairly well. However, for this reason she will not be rehomed anywhere near a busy road. 

Bagheera is very playful and will chase her tail and toss her toys up in the air.  She is friendly and affectionate and would make a great family pet in a calm household. The empasis is on calm!! Even our vet said she needed a quiet house!!!  We think now she is spayed she will be fine with another cat.  She is also chipped and vaccinated and has recently had a dental.  


Skye came into our care from a busy household where she struggled to find her place and showed her unhappiness by toileting inappropriately. It's not really a situation we normally get involved with but she wasn't neutered and so we stepped in. She is now 9 mths old and neutered of course. Skye is a tabby/tortoiseshell aka a torbie. Anyone who has been owned by a torbie in the past knows they have strong personalities and independent spirits (cough!) and Skye is no exception. With us she has toileted purrfectly and now plays with the other cats but ideally needs an adult family with no cats to coax out her fabulousness.

BOY CAT - does what it says on the tin!

Boy Cat and his sidekick, Girl Cat, were left behind when their owners moved away.  Both were unneutered.  After some time, kind neighbours contacted another rescue who neutered both but had no room to bring them in.  Neighbours continued to feed them but Boy Cat appeared one day limping badly and it was thought he had been clipped by a car.  One of our volunteers picked him up and took him to the emergency vets but fortunately nothing was broken although he continued to limp for a while.  Needless to say, we took him into our care.

Boy Cat is a very sweet puss cat, quite independent although he doesn't mind the other cats around, he just does his own thing.  We think he is probably around 8 or 9 yrs old as at Jan 2023.  He is neutered and chipped but currently not vaccinated.  

Boy Cat loves to be outdoors and is currently enjoying a lot of rural space to explore.  So a safe location with direct access to a garden is a must.

Boy Cat would love a family of his own where he will be fussed over and fed lots of lovely food!


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