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As many of our cats have come to us through unhappy or unsafe circumstances, we naturally want to make sure as far as possible that they are being rehomed to people and places where they will be happy and contented for the remainder of their lives.  For that reason, we do insist on doing a home check before you adopt the cat or cats you are interested in.  However, it may be possible to view the cat you are interested in prior to a homecheck.


 At the moment our area of operation is mainly confined to around Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Wadhurst, Crowborough and Heathfield (and all villages in between).  So those are the areas we can easily home check and support our cats in the settling in phase. 


All our cats are vet checked, fleaed, wormed, neutered if old enough, microchipped and will have at least the first stage of the vaccination done.  This all costs a lot so we do ask for a financial contribution towards this.

Our current Adoption Fee is £55 per cat/kitten unless otherwise stated (eg for Egyptian rescues) but if you can spare a little more, it will go to help bring in another cat off the street.

Our helpers are all volunteers, giving of their spare time to rescue and rehabilitate our cats and kittens.  All the money we raise therefore goes where it is needed - to help the animals.

Please note that we do not have a sanctuary or centre.  All our cats and kittens are fostered by volunteers either in their own homes or in purpose-built cattery pens in their gardens.  So you need to make an appointment to view at a mutually convenient time. If we haven't homechecked you beforehand we do require some basic info, at the very least a full address and telephone number, preferably landline, as we will be sending you into someone's home. 

To arrange a home check or to view specific cats you may be interested in, please email or leave a message on our voicemail 077 077 99 007 (or text us on the same number).  Please leave a landline telephone number if at all possible.

Rehoming kittens:  we prefer to rehome young kittens in pairs or a mum with one kitten. They settle in more quickly, are less stressed and fearful, play and sleep together and are company for each other if you are out at work all day. 

Website last updated: 4 August 2020

LOCKDOWN UPDATE: We are slowly opening up for rehoming but, because of social distancing requirements and our set-up which is essentially home-based, we are leaving a minimum of 72 hrs between viewings,  Please wear masks if you are happy to do so. 



Kink - a street cat relearning domestic habits

What can I tell you about Kink?  So it seems that he was abandoned some years ago, unneutered, possibly with another cat called Moonface, in the High Brooms area of Tunbridge Wells.  Both cats were brought to our attention together with another cat we have called Boris, still at large ...  Boris is a bit of an unneutered beast and constantly attacked Moonface and Kink, both of whom were being fed by a very kind lady.  Over several months and with the help of some of our supporters, Moonface and Kink were trapped and neutered but put back on the streets as we had no space and they were being well looked after.

In Lockdown things changed and their feeding station became more fraught for both the cats and their feeder.  We are very happy to report that the feeder has relocated and adopted Moonface who is now once more a very happy domestic cat.  Kink has also now come into our care and is relearning life as a domestic.  He is such a superstar and is doing really well but is a bit of a work in progress and would benefit from a rescue friendly adult.  He is starting to love strokes and will be a cracking cat with loads of character in due course.  He seems very healthy and we will be vet checking him and starting his vaccinations of course too.  We think he is 7-9 years old but that is just an estimate based on local info on his abandonment.

All enquires and check out our Homing Policy above.

Three spiky floofs - Seren, Gracie and Leeloo - UPDATE just Leeloo left

These pretty kittens came in from Gravesend with their feral mum, Midnight, in May during Lockdown.  Normally, we would separate mum and kittens between 6 and 8 weeks if mum is feral but a) we had no room to do that and b) mum isn't too bad.  All three are female, and all are longhaired like their mum who is a longhaired black.  Seren, the tabby, (Seren means Star in Welsh) is the friendliest and always the first to check out the food on offer.  Gracie is the fluffier of the 2 black females and the lightest in weight.  Leeloo is the shortest haired of the three and has been very much a mummy's girl but actually she is now presenting as bolder than Gracie.  However, all three are quite timid and will require some patience and lots of 1-2-1 play.  So not suitable for busy/noisy households or those with young children.

All three have been vet checked and had first stage vaccination.  So second stage and then spay/chip costs need to be taken into account.  The kittens are 12 weeks old.   

Ideally we are offering Seren with one of her siblings to a safe home with a purrfect family willing to put in a bit more work.  And then a single black floof!

Enquiries to  


Jess came into our care during lockdown following the death of her owner (not from Covid-19).  She came in with her slightly older feline companion, Thomas, who was picked up first, Jess exercising her rather independent spirit by being a "no show" for a few days before coming back.  She is a very sweet, friendly and very chatty girl who seems quite happy to sit beside you and snooze, watch tv or supervise whatever you are doing.  As far as we know, Jess is 8 yrs old and is spayed.  She's quite a large cat and loves her food.

Jess and Thomas went straight into a foster home where they spent lockdown and Jess is now ready to find a new, permanent home of her own. 

Jess would benefit from someone around for much of the day so would suit an older family or a single adult, possibly retired and looking for a friendly feline friend.

If you think you would like to offer Jess a home, please email us at

PETAL #2 - on hold

Through no fault of her own, the Wiltshire Way stray, now called Petal, brought into our vets and then into foster care at the start of lockdown, needs a new foster care placement, short or long. In either situation, we pay for any veterinary treatment she may need providing you can take her to one of the branches of Culverden Vets. Adoption is of course possible too - you then take on all costs.

Petal we think is around 10 yrs old but still a kitten at heart as you can see from this video. She enjoys sleeping too so is a good mix for someone at work or at home. She bonds closely with one person so would suit a single adult household.

When first taken into our vets, she was quite thin and very wobbly on her pins. In foster care she has put on weight and is steadier but still has slight ataxia, probably the result of neurological damage either from birth or as a result of a more recent trauma. However, as you can see, it doesn't stop her!!

Petal is extremely friendly and affectionate and just wants a lap to curl up on. She will probably follow you to the bathroom... 😂

All enquiries please to Thanks.


This handsome chap was one of a group of cats that came to us via another rescue which was doing neutering on a caravan site.

We think Dan is around 4 years old and is now neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated.

Dan can be a little nervous to start with so is not suitable for busy and/or noisy households. Ideally, he would suit an adult only household or a family with older children.  He is used to living with other cats and will have been exposed to dogs on the caravan site so may be ok with a cat friendly dog.

If you think Dan could be your man, send us an email.

BOY CAT - does what it says on the tin!

Boy Cat and his sidekick, Girl Cat, were left behind when their owners moved away.  Both were unneutered.  After some time, kind neighbours contacted another rescue who neutered both but had no room to bring them in.  Neighbours continued to feed them but Boy Cat appeared one day limping badly and it was thought he had been clipped by a car.  One of our volunteers picked him up and took him to the emergency vets but fortunately nothing was broken although he continued to limp for a while.  Needless to say, we took him into our care.

Boy Cat is a very sweet puss cat, quite independent although he doesn't mind the other cats around, he just does his own thing.  We think he is probably around 3 or 4 yrs old.  He is neutered but as yet because the vets are only just getting back to normal, not chipped or vaccinated.  Both will be done before he is rehomed.

Boy Cat would love a family of his own where he will be fussed over and fed lots of lovely food!

BOOTSY - Maine Coon X with catitude

Bootsy was found injured under a car and sustained a nasty fracture to her leg.  Her owner was eventually traced to Spain where he had relocated, however he paid for her initial x-ray before signing her over to another rescue who paid for her surgery before she came to us for R&R.  Initially she was unable to walk but her leg has healed fairly well in that she can walk but has difficulty jumping so has to pull herself up onto things.

Bootsy is already spayed and chipped but will need her vaccinations restarting which we will do before she is rehomed.  DOB  21 July 2014

Bootsy really dislikes other cats so must be the only cat in the household.  Untried with dogs.  She occasionally can have a hissy fit so we think she would be best with an older family or adult only household

NIPPER NORTON - Gorgeous Ginger Boy - HOMED!

If you have to go into lockdown with an unneutered tom in your parlour, best make it one easy on the eye!!

Norton, aka Nipper Norton, was living as a stray until he was picked up and taken to a vet for chip checking.  In spite of extensive advertising, no owner ever turned up and so, some months later, he is now available for rehoming once he has been snipped 'n' chipped.

Although he has spent lockdown unneutered, his initial nippiness and desire to hump any passing (neutered) cat, male or female, earned him the nickname Nipper Norton but I am pleased to say that, even without the snip, he has calmed down and will make a great family cat in due course.

We think he is around 2 ish and will be neutered, microchipped and have his first stage vaccination before he goes to his new home.

Please see our Homing Policy at the top of this page for further info.  We are still on viewing restrictions because of Covid-19 with minimum 72 hrs between viewings.  

Smudge - Special Needs Cat

Smudge is one of our Special Needs cats and needs a special home with a special family. Smudge is totally blind, he has shrivelled retina, and our vet says he cannot even see light or shadow. So his world is totally dark. Unbelievably, Smudge was living on the streets, his family had a new dog and he was pushed out. He was also unneutered.  Can you imagine his terror? Unsurprisingly, it has taken many months of tlc for him to learn to trust again and also to gain confidence in moving around. He
has been confined to one room so he can learn its layout and he now can climb and move his way around it. He is starting to want to expand his horizons and we feel he is ready for the next stage of his life. Smudge is very chatty and loves his food and will let you know when he is feeling peckish! 

So what sort of home does Smudge need? Firstly, indoor or mainly indoor (could have a small, safe garden with high fence panels); no other pets; an uncluttered house (where the furniture is not moved around every 5 minutes 🤪); and no young children. He would ideally suit an adult only home and would be fine with a couple/individual out at work all day although I think he would love someone at home to help his confidence even more. We realise we have set the bar high but I'm sure you can understand why! 

Please note, Smudge is prone to flare-ups of cat flu, a legacy of his time on the streets.  

For further info please email and make sure you read the blurb at the top of this page!

Petal and Tansy

Petal is a small, grey & white cat, aged about 3 yrs and Tansy is her black & white daughter, aged about 2 yrs.  Both cats are neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated.

They came in from a large group of cats on a caravan site.  Petal can be a little shy to start with but we are sure she will blossom in a home.  Tansy is more confident and likes to play with toys.

We are ideally looking for an adult only home for this pair where someone is around a lot during the day and continue to give these two a little more 1-2-1 attention.  They won't be instant lapcats but in due course will be loving companions in the right home.

Nancy - from Rags to Riches

As you can see from the picture on the left, Nancy came into our care as a grossly neglected cat - thin, heavily matted and full of flu.  Once she was dematted she weighed only 2.2 Kg.  It has taken several months for Nancy to recover and for her fur to regrow but we are pleased to say she is now well on the way to full health and ready for a new home.

Nancy is approximately 9 yrs old and is spayed, chipped and fully vaccinated.  As a longhaired cat, she needs to be regularly groomed and for that reason we are suggesting an adult only home that is not too busy and there is time to give Nancy a brush.  The only other requirement is that her new guardian needs to report regularly with photos to her fanbase on Facebook!!!

Our Homing Policy is at the top of this page. 

UPDATE:  one year on Nancy is doing very well but does have a couple of ongoing health issues which flare up from time to time.  But she is such a sweetie and would love a home of her own.  

You need a little DIZZY in your life!

Dizzy really needs a rural home.  He was found rurally and can be a wanderer, hopefully no longer, but is used to quiet roads or going over fields.  So we want somewhere very safe for him. He also needs to be an only cat.  

MEERA - Rural Home Only

MEERA UPDATE - Meera moved to live with our next door neighbours who are now moving. She lives mainly outdoors where she loves to hunt.  She is currently living rurally and therefore we do want to place her in a similar environment where she can continue to hunt (great mouser!) but will be an indoor lapcat in the evening.

July 2020 


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