Homing Policy & Area we Cover

As many of our cats have come to us through unhappy or unsafe circumstances, we naturally want to make sure as far as possible that they are being rehomed to people and places where they will be happy and contented for the remainder of their lives.  For that reason, we do insist on doing a home check before you adopt the cat or cats you are interested in.  However, it may be possible to view the cat you are interested in prior to a homecheck.


 At the moment our area of operation is mainly confined to around Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Wadhurst, Crowborough and Heathfield (and all villages in between).  So those are the areas we can easily home check and support our cats in the settling in phase. 


All our cats are vet checked, fleaed, wormed, neutered if old enough, microchipped and will have at least the first stage of the vaccination done.  This all costs a lot so we do ask for a financial contribution towards this.

Our current Adoption Fee is £55 per cat/kitten unless otherwise stated (eg for Egyptian rescues) but if you can spare a little more, it will go to help bring in another cat off the street.

Our helpers are all volunteers, giving of their spare time to rescue and rehabilitate our cats and kittens.  All the money we raise therefore goes where it is needed - to help the animals.

Please note that we do not have a sanctuary or centre.  All our cats and kittens are fostered by volunteers either in their own homes or in purpose-built cattery pens in their gardens.  So you need to make an appointment to view at a mutually convenient time. If we haven't homechecked you beforehand we do require some basic info, at the very least a full address and telephone number, preferably landline, as we will be sending you into someone's home. 

To arrange a home check or to view specific cats you may be interested in, please email or leave a message on our voicemail 077 077 99 007 (or text us on the same number).  Please leave a landline telephone number if at all possible.

Rehoming kittens:  we prefer to rehome young kittens in pairs or a mum with one kitten. They settle in more quickly, are less stressed and fearful, play and sleep together and are company for each other if you are out at work all day. 

Website last updated: 15th January 2020


NB: Some of the cats may have been listed for some time so, especially in the case of kittens, they will be older and bigger!


Susie & Bella need urgent new home

We have been asked to help rehome 2 beautiful calico cats, Susie & Bella, mother and daughter, who both originally came from us over 8 years ago. As you can see from the photos, they have enjoyed a fairly idyllic rural location on the outskirts of Wadhurst but the family is now moving to a flat on the south coast and feel it would be kinder to rehome them so they can continue to be country cats.

Susie is very confident and friendly to one and all, Bella takes time to get to know you but once she does she is very loving too. They are not used to young children so would suit either a family with older children or adults only. Cats around 9 or 10 years old are very happy to be left to snooze while you are out at work but also enjoy being part of the family when you come home. They have many years of kittenhood left!

Susie and Bella will be vetchecked and their vaccinations restarted before they go to their new home - they are already neutered and chipped. This is a direct rehome so Susie and Bella are still with their owners in Wadhurst but Streetkatz will filter all enquiries - pls email us

PS you don't have to offer Susie & Bella the same view!!

Smudge - Special Needs Cat

Smudge is one of our Special Needs cats and needs a special home with a special family. Smudge is totally blind, he has shrivelled retina, and our vet says he cannot even see light or shadow. So his world is totally dark. Unbelievably, Smudge was living on the streets, his family had a new dog and he was pushed out. He was also unneutered.  Can you imagine his terror? Unsurprisingly, it has taken many months of tlc for him to learn to trust again and also to gain confidence in moving around. He
has been confined to one room so he can learn its layout and he now can climb and move his way around it. He is now starting to want to expand his horizons and we feel he is ready for the next stage of his life. Smudge is very chatty and loves his food and will let you know when he is feeling peckish! 

So what sort of home does Smudge need? Firstly, indoor or mainly indoor (could have a small, safe garden with high fence panels); no other pets; an uncluttered house (where the furniture is not moved around every 5 minutes 🤪); and no young children. He would ideally suit an adult only home and would be fine with a couple/individual out at work all day although I think he would love someone at home to help his confidence even more. We realise we have set the bar high but I'm sure you can understand why! 

For further info please email and make sure you read the blurb at the top of this page!

Petal and Tansy

Petal is a small, grey & white cat, aged about 15 months and Tansy is her black & white daughter, aged about 7 months.  Both cats are neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated.

They came in from a large group of cats on a caravan site.  Petal can be a little shy to start with but we are sure she will blossom in a home.  Tansy is more confident and likes to play with toys.

We are ideally looking for an adult only home for this pair where someone is around a lot during the day and continue to give these two a little more 1-2-1 attention.  They won't be instant lapcats but in due course will be loving companions in the right home.

Nancy - from Rags to Riches

As you can see from the picture on the left, Nancy came into our care as a grossly neglected cat - thin, heavily matted and full of flu.  Once she was dematted she weighed only 2.2 Kg.  It has taken several months for Nancy to recover and for her fur to regrow but we are pleased to say she is now well on the way to full health and ready for a new home.

Nancy is approximately 9 yrs old and is spayed, chipped and fully vaccinated.  As a longhaired cat, she needs to be regularly groomed and for that reason we are suggesting an adult only home that is not too busy and there is time to give Nancy a brush.  The only other requirement is that her new guardian needs to report regularly with photos to her fanbase on Facebook!!!

Our Homing Policy is at the top of this page.   

One-eyed Cat with Catitude seeks New VictimOwner

Reggie is a handsome cat albeit with just one eye.  This doesn't stop him eyeing up his next victim!  Could it be you?

Reggie was the only pet of a gentleman who sadly died and was not discovered for some time.  So Reggie was left with his owner in his flat until he was rescued.  By the time he got to us he was very shut down and just liked to hide in his igloo bed.  Coaxing him to come out was a risky affair although we soon discovered he had a soft spot for Dreamies.  With a lot of patience and tlc he has turned into a much more confident cat and we are sure that, in the right home, he will prove a constant and loyal companion.

Reggie is neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. He needs an adult only home preferably with someone rescue-experienced who will tolerate his occasional grumpiness.

Reggie is enjoying his new cat tree

 in his cat run.

Karen & Tony - brother and sister - Currently On Hold

Karen and Tony came to us from another rescue.  Originally there were 3 kittens but all were infested with fleas and suffering from flea anaemia and very sadly one died.  Karen and Tony were quite poorly when they came to us but are now doing very well, just a little underweight for their age.  Tony in particular loves to eat!  They have been vet checked and fleaed and wormed and will have the first stage of their vaccination as soon as they hit the magic 1Kg mark!

Tony is all black and Karen is black & white.  We would like to rehome them as a pair.

UPDATE 2/12/18  Karen & Tony are still available but are now 4 months old but still unvaccinated due to ongoing health issues.

Kittens are better adopted in pairs - they settle more quickly and are company for each other if you are out at work

Yossi & Yalissa


Furby was an owner surrender last year because he was being bullied by other cats in the household. We don't often do owned cats - we are Streetkatz, geddit? - but a favour for a friend.  Furby was very stressed and doing what cats do when stressed - toileting inappropriately.  So it was with much trepidation he came to us. Although moving to another multi-cat environment he has been absolutely brilliant.  No issues.   Our only problem has been getting him to sit still long enough to pose for a photo! Furby is a neutered boy who looks like a black 'n' white but is actually v dark grey - parts of his fur are white with black tips. Very unusual. 

Although Furby does get on quite well with other cats he is probably best as only cat.

Furby is being fostered in Brenchley.  Adoption fee and homecheck apply.  For details of our catchment area, see our Homing Policy above.


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