Homing Policy & Area we Cover

As many of our cats have come to us through unhappy or unsafe circumstances, we naturally want to make sure as far as possible that they are being rehomed to people and places where they will be happy and contented for the remainder of their lives.  For that reason, we do insist on doing a home check before you adopt the cat or cats you are interested in.  However, it may be possible to view the cat you are interested in prior to a homecheck.


 At the moment our area of operation is mainly confined to around Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Wadhurst, Crowborough and Heathfield (and all villages in between).  So those are the areas we can easily home check and support our cats in the settling in phase. 


All our cats are vet checked, fleaed, wormed, neutered if old enough, microchipped and will have at least the first stage of the vaccination done.  This all costs a lot so we do ask for a financial contribution towards this.

Our current Adoption Fee is £55 per cat/kitten unless otherwise stated (eg for Egyptian rescues) but if you can spare a little more, it will go to help bring in another cat off the street.

Our helpers are all volunteers, giving of their spare time to rescue and rehabilitate our cats and kittens.  All the money we raise therefore goes where it is needed - to help the animals.

Please note that we do not have a sanctuary or centre.  All our cats and kittens are fostered by volunteers either in their own homes or in purpose-built cattery pens in their gardens.  So you need to make an appointment to view at a mutually convenient time. If we haven't homechecked you beforehand we do require some basic info, at the very least a full address and telephone number, preferably landline, as we will be sending you into someone's home. 

To arrange a home check or to view specific cats you may be interested in, please email or leave a message on our voicemail 077 077 99 007 (or text us on the same number).  Please leave a landline telephone number if at all possible.

Rehoming kittens:  we prefer to rehome young kittens in pairs or a mum with one kitten. They settle in more quickly, are less stressed and fearful, play and sleep together and are company for each other if you are out at work all day. 

Three Black Panthers

Black cats are Streetkatz's signature cat so we are delighted to have these 3 beauties to rehome.  Ollie, Tilly and Annie were found with their mum in a garden shed in Tonbridge.  

For the last few months they have been with their second foster family learning about household noises and lots of different people in the house.

Ollie, left, is the only boy of the three and is now an affectionate lapcat.  He is a shorthaired boy aged 6 months (Oct 2018) and neutered, chipped and vaccinated.

Annie, below right, is virtually Ollie's twin and was originally the boldest of the 3 but Ollie has overtaken her in the confidence stakes.  Spayed, chipped and vaccinated.

Tilly, below left, is semi-longhaired and is the most curious and fun-loving of the litter.  She loves playing with toys on sticks, balls, just about anything and is quite fearless but is still unsure about being picked up or held.  Spayed, chipped and vaccinated.

These three black panthers would suit a cat experienced adult home best or a family with older children.

Happy to split these 3. 

UPDATE 6/11/18 - Ollie & Tillie love to sleep on their foster family's beds.  Gorgeous black beauties!

Tilly (above) is always the first one to play but is still quite shy with strangers.  Annie (right) is friendly but independent.


India and Sahara are sisters who are very bonded as a pair so we are looking for a home for them together.  They are very sweet and purr for England, especially India, but can be a little shy initially.  Therefore we will only home these to a family with older children or an adult only household.

Both are female and are fully vaccinated, fleaed, wormed and vet checked.  As at 10th September these two are about 12 weeks of age.

JLo aka Jazzie aka Jasmine!

JLo turned up on allotments in Tunbridge Wells.  All efforts to find an owner came to nought and we eventually found out she had been left behind when her owner moved away.  

By this time, JLo was clearly pregnant and so she came into our care and eventually gave birth to SIX ginger kittens!!  She is so tiny, we don't know where she kept them!!!

Now her kittens are up for adoption and going to their new families soon.  JLo also had a home lined up but we have realised that actually this pretty ginger and white girl is not hugely keen on other cats and so we are putting her up for rehoming as a single cat or possibly with one of her kittens.  She has been an excellent mother.

JLo is vet checked, fleaed, wormed, spayed, chipped and fully vaccinated.  We think she is only about 2 years old, if that.

Steve and Franco - wee wobblies - Reserved 

Steve and Franco are very friendly and affectionate kittens now about 13 weeks old (9 October).  They are curious and energetic like all kittens but they have a very slight disability.  They have a wobbly walk!  Steve walks very well and you would almost never notice, Franco is a little more noticeable but he still races around the room and chases balls and does all the normal things kittens do.

Both kittens are otherwise very healthy and a good weight for their age.  They will not require extra vet care or be difficult to insure.  Taking these two on will be a total joy and a true rescue.

To date they have been vet checked, fleaed and wormed and are fully vaccinated.  

A Trio of Scottish Fold Cats - Pumka adopted


These 3 Scottish Fold cats came in from a breeder who is moving abroad.  We are still assessing these 3 but are open to enquiries from interested adopters.

Pumka is the ginger and white female to the left.  She is 7 or 8 years old and has been vet checked, fleaed, wormed, spayed, chipped and had her first stage vaccination.

Mathilda is a tortoiseshell with very beautiful eyes,  She is 2 years old and has been vet checked, fleaed, wormed, spayed, chipped and had her first stage vaccination.

Felix is 4 years (will be 5 in December).  As with the other two, he has been vet checked etc and is now neutered, chipped and had 1st stage vaccination.  Felix is a little underweight and so we are building him up with lots of chicken in addition to the usual cat food.

Scottish Folds come either with folded or normal ears.  These 3 have normal ears which is good as they don't have any of the problems normally associated with folded ears.  This breed of cat is very people friendly and like to be around you so would ideally suit someone who works from home or is semi-retired or retired.

They are all a bit bewildered by their change of circumstances so are a bit nervous but gentle and affectionate too.

Mathilda (above) and Felix (right) 

Poesie and the Potting Shed Kittens - Poesie Now Reserved

Poesie turned up in the potting shed of a large house in the countryside with her 2 kittens.  Fortunately, both the gardener and the children of the house set about feeding mum, who was very tame, and handling the kittens so this lovely little trio came into our care.

Poesie took on additional maternal duties, mothering some of the other kittens and allowing them free access to the milk bar.  Now she just supervises playtime and is taking some time for herself.  She is a very sweet little cat, white and tabby, quite young, probably about a year or so.  She looks grumpy in the photo but was actually just a bit sleepy.  She is now spayed, chipped and had the first stage of her vaccination.

Her two kittens, Iris & Murdoch, have been vet checked, fleaed and wormed and will have the first stage vaccination as soon as they reach the magic 1Kg weight.  They are mostly tabby with white socks.

Iris and Murdoch are 10 weeks old as at 9 October but are quite small for their age.  Poesie, their mum, is tiny too.

Karen & Tony - brother and sister

Karen and Tony came to us from another rescue.  Originally there were 3 kittens but all were infested with fleas and suffering from flea anaemia and very sadly one died.  Karen and Tony were quite poorly when they came to us but are now doing very well, just a little underweight for their age.  Tony in particular loves to eat!  They have been vet checked and fleaed and wormed and will have the first stage of their vaccination as soon as they hit the magic 1Kg mark!

Tony is all black and Karen is black & white.  We would like to rehome them as a pair.

Kittens are better adopted in pairs - they settle more quickly and are company for each other if you are out at work


Marge and Nora are very pretty long-haired tabby females aged about 2-3 yrs old (Sept 18).  They came in with other kittens from a multi-cat household some of whom may have belonged to Marge but we think none were Nora's 

Both can be a little shy with people still so would not be suitable for a busy family with small children.  Marge is quite curious and likes to see what is going on.  Nora is initially more shy but is quite gentle.  These beautiful girls deserve a chance in a new home.  Please note, these could be homed separately.

Marge is the cat to the left and Nora is below.  She is not as longhaired.

Neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated.  Being fostered in Brenchley.


Furby was an owner surrender last year because he was being bullied by other cats in the household. We don't often do owned cats - we are Streetkatz, geddit? - but a favour for a friend.  Furby was very stressed and doing what cats do when stressed - toileting inappropriately.  So it was with much trepidation he came to us. Although moving to another multi-cat environment he has been absolutely brilliant.  No issues.   Our only problem has been getting him to sit still long enough to pose for a photo! Furby is a neutered boy who looks like a black 'n' white but is actually v dark grey - parts of his fur are white with black tips. Very unusual. 

Although Furby does get on quite well with other cats he is probably best as only cat.

Furby is being fostered in Brenchley.  Adoption fee and homecheck apply.  For details of our catchment area, see our Homing Policy above.


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